Here you will find the latest information on what's happened to the site.

27/08/13. Finally got around to knocking up some sort of website. Still pretty basic but it's a start.

31/08/13. Updated version of Sargasso RSS feed reader. Quick fix for riscopen RSS feed.

15/09/13. Added tesseract OCR Engine and Gngeo (Neogeo Emulator).

08/10/13. Added Perl 5.14.2.

10/10/13. Added ghostscript 8.71 and Zip 2000 updated for ARMv7.

01/11/13. Updated pandaboot.zip. Can now overclock SmartReflex roms.

07/11/13. Added tftpy.zip (A simple tftp server).

12/11/13. Added milkytracker.zip (Create .MOD and .XM module files).

18/11/13. MilkyTracker now hosted on riscos.info.

04/05/14. Moved website to riscosports.co.uk.

05/05/14. Added unrar 5.10 beta 3.

28/09/14. Updated pandaboot.zip to latest version of u-boot

12/07/15. Added cvt.zip (Create MDF entries for screen modes)

12/07/15. VNC Server now pointing to official download

16/10/15. Added sz81.zip (zx80/zx81 emulator)

03/03/18. Added new sections VFP and Raspberry Pi, removed Benchmarks. Added POVRay and SDLQuake to VFP section and DarkPlaces and Khronos to the Raspberry Pi section.

30/03/18. Added muview.zip to the VFP section

22/04/18. Added anotherworld.zip ("Fabother World" an interpreter for Another World)

05/08/18. Enabled https and fixed invalid html

03/11/19. Updated muview (0.02 alpha)

16/11/19. Added VFP version of DOSBox 0.74 to VFP section

23/11/19. Added VFP version of lame 3.99.5 to VFP section

05/12/19. Sargasso updated to use central CA bundle

07/03/20. Sargasso updated to enable TLS1.2

14/03/20. Added RetroArch 1.8.1 to VFP section

29/03/20. Added MPlayer (RISC OS v1.0.2) to VFP section

08/05/20. Updated muview (0.03 alpha)

15/05/20. Updated ImageView (0.02 alpha)

15/05/20. Added rsvg-convert

30/05/20. Added Otter Browser to VFP section

06/06/20. Added Ghostscript 9.26

08/06/20. Update Tesseract OCR Engine 3.05.02

20/06/20. Added mutools 1.17 to the VFP section

20/06/20. Added section EABI for programs built with GCC 8.2

04/07/20. Added QupZilla to the VFP section

24/07/20. Added MPlayer to the EABI section

25/07/20. Added ImageMagick to the VFP section

27/07/20. Added YTSearch to the Downloads section

27/07/20. Update MPlayer (RISC OS v1.04) in the EABI section

05/08/20. Update YTSearch 2020.08.05 in the Downloads section

15/08/20. Updated the Otter Browser zip file in the VFP section

03/09/20. Updated Xamos in the Downloads section

18/09/20. Added MPlayer (RISC OS v1.0.3) to VFP section

14/10/20. Updated muview (0.04 alpha)

31/10/20. Update Sargasso (2.0.6) in the downloads section

01/11/20. Update Sargasso (2.0.7) in the downloads section

01/11/20. Added pdfgrep 2020.11.01 to the downloads section

04/01/21. Added testzip 2021.01.02 and testunzip 2021.01.03 to the eabi section

09/01/21. Update testzip, testunzip and added testzipcheck 2021.01.09 in the eabi section

03/02/21. Added ffmpeg to the eabi section

04/02/21. Update ffmpeg (added H264 encoding support) in the eabi section

09/02/21. Added lame and sox to the eabi section

08/08/21. Added angband 3.3.2 to the download section

28/12/21. Added tesseract 5.00 to the eabi section